A Crown Protects A Vulnerable Tooth

A Crown Protects A Vulnerable ToothTry as we might to protect our teeth from decay and damage, things can happen. An accident may cause traumatic injury to a tooth or severe decay may leave it vulnerable. Whatever the situation may be, it is important for a weakened tooth to be repaired and restored. A dental crown is a permanent prosthetic device that restores a tooth’s form and function. A crown can be color-matched to blend in with the rest of the smile. A crown can be used to cap a damaged tooth or to sit atop a dental implant to replace a missing tooth entirely. 

More Reasons To Get A Crown

When a tooth is damaged from injury or decay, the inner tissue can be left exposed. This can cause severe pain because the roots can become exposed as well. Along with pain, an exposed tooth can lead to further decay and degradation. Without the protective outer layer of enamel intact, the tooth becomes vulnerable to bacteria, infection, and further injury. Root canal therapy may be required to disinfect the tooth once the inside of the tooth has become exposed. After the treatment, it is important to cover the tooth with a permanent crown to prevent further exposure. A vulnerable tooth is a weak tooth that may cause speech impairment and will likely not hold up to biting or chewing. When one tooth is weak, you may find yourself chewing on the other side of the mouth bringing excess wear and tear to those teeth. A crown can restore function to the damaged tooth, and lessen the wear on the other teeth. If you are embarrassed by the appearance of a broken or missing tooth, a crown can restore your smile.

What To Expect

Your dentist can take precise molds of your mouth, so that the crown will fit into your mouth seamlessly. A dental lab will create your crown, and during that time, your dentist may fit you with a temporary crown. Once your permanent crown is crafted, your crown will be permanently fixed to your tooth. With good oral hygiene, a crown can last as long as a natural tooth.

Do you have a vulnerable tooth in need of a crown?

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