Month: September 2017

Problems Caused By Teeth Grinding

Grinding your teeth, also known as bruxism, is a common chronic condition. It is often done sub-consciously and usually done while you are sleeping. You may notice yourself waking up in the morning with sore teeth or a sore jaw or maybe you notice yourself clenching your jaw during the day. These are some signs… Read more »

The Importance Of Routine Dental Visits

Most extensive and expensive dental treatment can be avoided with preventative measures. Brushing and flossing your teeth twice a day, drinking plenty of water, making mindful choices about what you eat and drink, and visiting your dentist at least twice a year are all important points of prevention. Some people get anxious about going to… Read more »

When Extraction Is The Last Option

Your dentist always want to save your tooth, but sometimes that is not a viable option. There are times when a dental extraction is necessary to protect both your oral and overall health. Sometimes, tooth decay progresses so far that it causes a severe infection. There are situations like an accident or injury where the… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy To The Rescue

By the time a tooth’s decay progresses to the point of needing root canal therapy, it can be on the brink of a necessary extraction. A root canal treatment can rescue a tooth from needing to be extracted. Tooth decay is a progressive disease meaning it will worsen without treatment. Early tooth decay can be… Read more »

The 3 W’s Of Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can cause heaps of problems for your oral health ranging from bone loss to inability to chew and speak to a lack in your smile’s appearance. A dental bridge is a common prosthetic device designed to replace one to three adjacent teeth by mounting onto existing teeth surrounding the void of the missing… Read more »