When Extraction Is The Last Option

When Extraction Is The Last OptionYour dentist always want to save your tooth, but sometimes that is not a viable option. There are times when a dental extraction is necessary to protect both your oral and overall health. Sometimes, tooth decay progresses so far that it causes a severe infection. There are situations like an accident or injury where the damage the tooth is too extensive to be repaired. In some cases, extraction is done to protect the rest of the teeth. Wisdom teeth, for example, are often removed to prevent overcrowding in the mouth. Extraction may not save the tooth, but it may save the smile. 

Severe Infection

If a cavity is not treated with a filling or root canal therapy, the dental pulp can become infected to the point that it can enter the bloodstream and endanger other parts of your body. Once the infection reaches this serious stage, it can be quite painful. An extraction to remove the tooth can help end the infection and the pain.

Extensive Damage

Some surface damage to a tooth can be repaired with bonding or with a crown. If the damage is so extensive, the tooth may be removed. At this point, a dental implant with a crown or a bridge may be a more suitable option to restore appearance and the chewing and biting functions.

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are also known as the third molars because they come into the mouth after the rest of the teeth. Oftentimes, there is no room in the mouth for the additional teeth, which can lead to a painful shifting of the other teeth. This shifting can lead to crookedness and misalignment. Wisdom teeth can also come in at odd angles to cause damage to the gums and surrounding teeth. Impacted wisdom teeth are teeth that stay under the gums completely or partially. These can still cause shifting among the other teeth. Partially impacted wisdom teeth can also lead to a painful infection in the gums at the area where the teeth protrude.

Extraction may be the best option for your whole smile

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