Surprising Effects Of Crooked Teeth

Surprising Effects Of Crooked Teeth Some people would be surprised to learn that crooked teeth have many negative consequences besides just the appearance of your smile. So, treating crooked or misaligned teeth with orthodontic treatment or Invisalign can help not only the look of your smile, but also the health of it. Teeth that are not properly aligned are more susceptible to tooth decay, they can lead to a higher risk of gum disease, tooth fractures and damage, bad breath, TMJ disorder, and chronic headaches. Straightening out crooked teeth can decrease the effects of these issues caused by crooked teeth. 

Tooth Decay and Gum Disease

Overcrowded or crooked teeth are difficult to clean. The alignment causes overlapping, which creates nooks and crannies for bacteria to hide. While you may vigilant with brushing and flossing twice a day, you may not be able to reach the buildup that may be hiding in the spots created by crooked teeth. This type of harmful bacteria buildup can lead to both tooth decay and gum disease. Without proper treatment, both tooth decay and gum disease can endanger your teeth and cause you to lose them.

Bad Breath

The same bacteria that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease is also responsible for bad breath. Leftover food particles that are hard to remove in your cleaning routine often get left behind to leave foul odors in your mouth.

Tooth Damage

Teeth that are not properly aligned bump into each other at weird angles. They create unnecessary overwear on certain parts of the teeth. Over time, this can lead to chips, cracks, and fractures in the teeth. Ultimately, tooth fractures can lead to severe infections, if bacteria has time to access the inside of the tooth.

TMJ Disorder and Chronic Headaches

The misaligned bite and excessive wear is not only on the teeth, but also on your jaw. Your temporomandibular joint is the hinge of your jaw. It can become overworked, which can lead to TMJ disorder. TMJ disorder involves pain in the jaw, cheeks, face, jaw popping and locking, and chronic headaches.

Treat crooked teeth to eliminate side effects

Straightening out crooked teeth helps your smile and your health. To schedule a consultation with 7 Day Dental, contact our office closest to you at 817-405-2001 on Jacksboro Highway, or at 817-405-0195 on Seminary Drive.