Are You Prepared For A Dental Emergency?

Are You Prepared For A Dental Emergency?An emergency of any kind can spike your adrenaline and send your brain into a tizzy. Despite this, it is important to stay calm when an emergency happens. And the best way to stay calm is to feel prepared. A dental emergency can be anything from a broken crown to severe pain from a toothache to a knocked-out tooth. You may find yourself asking questions like, “Is it an emergency?,” “What do I do?,” and “Who do I call?.” Knowing the answers can help keep you calm in the face of high adrenaline caused by the emergency.

Is It An Emergency?

Emergency situations can pop up in an instant. Something as simple as biting down on something that is too hard can crack a tooth. An accident can cause a chip or for the tooth to be knocked completely out of socket. While a small chip may not need immediate care, a large crack or if a large piece of the tooth is missing should be seen by a dentist immediately. A tooth that has been completely knocked out requires immediate attention for the best chance of saving the tooth. Severe toothaches can be less clear on when it requires immediate care. It is usually best to call your dentist if you are ever in doubt.

What Do I Do?

If you or your loved one has a severe pain, try an over-the-counter pain medication to provide some temporary relief. It is still important to call your dentist, even if the pain subsides. If a tooth is knocked out, try your best to keep it in the socket until you can get to the dentist. Moistened gauze can be used to apply pressure to the area to stop the bleeding. A cold compress can help keep the swelling down. Avoid swallowing your tooth. If you cannot keep the tooth in the socket, rinse it and keep it in a closed container of milk or your own saliva. Get in to see your dentist as quickly as you can.

Who Do I Call?

Call 7Day Dental when you have a dental emergency. To schedule a consultation, contact our office closest to you in Fort Worth, TX, at 817-405-2001 on Jacksboro Highway, or at 817-405-0195 on Seminary Drive.