Preventive Dentistry For The Whole Family

Preventive Dentistry For The Whole FamilyThe first baby teeth begin to emerge from the gums at about six months old. At that point, preventive dental care becomes important and stays important for the rest of your life. Meaning that a family that ranges in age all between children and adults should all take part in preventive dental care. At different ages and stages in life, preventive care can mean different things.

For Young Children

As soon as teeth begin to erupt from the gums, they become susceptible to decay from harmful in the mouth. Bacteria feed off the sugars that are present in milk, baby foods, and the regular food and drink that children consume. Very young baby teeth can be gently wiped with a soft cloth. When children are old enough to grip a toothbrush, they can brush with supervision. Children should begin to visit the dentist for checkups and cleanings at about age two. Dental sealants and fluoride treatments are preventive tools that can greatly benefit young teeth.

For Adolescents and For Adults

It can be challenging to tell teenagers what to do, but taking care of their teeth is important. While teens and young adults can be at less of a risk to be troubled by gum disease, preventive care habits established in early adulthood can prevent dental problems later in life.

For Older Adults

Adults are more susceptible to gum disease, in both the early form of gingivitis and the more advanced forms of periodontitis. The older we get, the more our teeth are exposed to factors that may cause cavities or damage. Oral cancer screenings are important parts of prevention. Increased need for medications with side effects such as dry mouth can endanger the mouth’s health.

Prevention is important at every age.

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