Month: March 2018

Smile Benefits Of ClearCorrect®

There is a common misconception that crooked teeth only affect the way that your smile looks. Misalignment not only affects your confidence, but it also puts the health of your teeth and gums at risk. Overcrowded teeth can overlap each other and create tiny storage places for bacteria to hide. Hiding places keep harmful bacteria… Read more »

The 3 Types Of Candy To Avoid This Easter

The New Year’s Resolutions may begin to wane as another holiday traditionally donned in sweets is around the corner. With aisles full of pastel and brightly colored candy, it can be easy to overload smiles with sugar. When it comes to candy or treats of any kind, moderation is key. Moderation is about balancing indulgences… Read more »

Get Brighter Teeth For Springtime!

Springtime is a season of renewal and refreshing your life, hence the term, “spring cleaning.” Whitening your smile can be a great way to get brighter teeth for the spring season. Brightening your smile can take years off your appearance while boosting your confidence. Professional whitening treatments can get fast and significant results all while… Read more »

What Does My Chronic Bad Breath Mean?

Not all bad breath is cause for concern, but chronic bad breath (known as halitosis) can be a sign of a serious problem with either your oral or overall health. Many of us may experience bad breath once in a while, especially when we wake up in the mornings or after eating smelly foods, but… Read more »

How A Dental Extraction Can Help Your Smile

If your dentist has told you that tooth extraction is necessary, you might find yourself worrying about the fact that the treatment means you will lose one of your permanent teeth. Despite the loss of a permanent tooth, dental extraction often helps your smile. It is especially helpful when you have a tooth that cannot be saved… Read more »