The 3 Types Of Candy To Avoid This Easter

The 3 Types Of Candy To Avoid This EasterThe New Year’s Resolutions may begin to wane as another holiday traditionally donned in sweets is around the corner. With aisles full of pastel and brightly colored candy, it can be easy to overload smiles with sugar. When it comes to candy or treats of any kind, moderation is key. Moderation is about balancing indulgences with healthy choices. Depriving yourself or your family of treats can sometimes lead to a binge, so we have a list of alternative tactics and ways to avoid some of the more harmful treats this Easter.

#1 Sticky Caramels or Gummies

  • Caramels, gummies, and taffies are some of the worst kinds of candy for your teeth. The sticky substances can get stuck in the small crevices and hard-to-reach places in teeth. Hiding sugar is allowed to linger long after you have finished enjoying the treat. Hollow chocolates can be a better alternative to these treats. Hollow chocolates can lower your exposure to sugar and cut down your calorie intake. Choosing dark chocolate instead of milk can even provide your body with powerful antioxidants, too!

#2 Sour Sweets

Sour candy contains a lot of additional acid. Since acid is what causes enamel to erode, it can increase your chances of allowing tooth decay to attack your teeth. Fresh citrus can be a fun, colorful swap. While citrus fruit is still acidic, but can also be filled with important vitamins. Packing Easter baskets with juicy mandarins or drinking a lightly sweetened lemonade can fill that craving for sour sweets.

#3 Hard Candy

Hard candy can break teeth if bitten into at the wrong moment. Hard sweets like lollipops can also take a long time eat, which can leave teeth exposed to sugar through the duration. The longer your smile is exposed to sugar, the more chance there is for decay and cavities. If sugar is harmful culprit of candy, than sugar-free candy may be a better choice for your smile.

We wish you and your family a Happy Easter!

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