How Can I Address The Gap In My Smile?

How Can I Address The Gap In My Smile?You may like the gap between your front teeth because it makes your smile feel unique. A gap, also known as diastema, often appears between the two front teeth, but extra spacing can occur between any two teeth in your smile. Wide spacing between teeth can be caused by a variety of different issues. Depending on the issue causing the gap in your smile, it typically does not affect the health of your smile. However, gaps that are caused by something like tongue thrusting or periodontal disease may affect your smile’s health. In a case like that, the cause may need have to be treated in conjunction with cosmetic dentistry to address your smile’s appearance and health. For any issues that only affect your appearance and confidence, cosmetic treatment is typically enough to address the gap and there are several options to do so. 

Cosmetic Bonding or Veneers

Sometimes the cause of diastema is the size or shape of one or more teeth. Unevenly shaped or sized teeth can make the spacing between the teeth irregular. Some teeth may appear closer together, while others may have gaps. Adjusting the tooth or teeth’s structure(s) with a cosmetic treatment may help to close the gaps. Cosmetic bonding is a tooth-colored composite resin that your dentist can customize to match your healthy tooth color and can be customized to each individual tooth. A porcelain veneer is a wafer-thin shell of natural-looking dental porcelain that is applied permanently to the front of your tooth or teeth. Veneers are also custom-designed to meet your smile goals. They can be applied to one or both teeth that surround a gap to close it.

Dental Crown

If one of your teeth is significantly smaller than those around it or if a tooth has suffered damage, it may create a space between it and the teeth surrounding it. A crown can restore the health of the tooth, while also helping to close the gap that the tooth was causing.

Are you self-conscious of your smile’s gap?

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