Month: May 2018

Help! I Damaged My Tooth!

Breaking a tooth can be a traumatic experience that feels like an emergency. In many situations, it is an emergency. The urgency of a damaged tooth will depend on the severity of the situation. However, whenever there is a situation with a damaged tooth, it should be followed up with a dental visit. Significant damage… Read more »

Why Choose An Implant-Supported Bridge?

Dental bridges have been around for centuries helping people who have experienced tooth loss to regain confidence in their smiles. Technological advances in both materials and the way that bridges are created have allowed for more lifelike and better-fitting dental crowns. Materials such as porcelain create a prosthetic that looks and acts like a natural… Read more »

When Is A Dental Crown Right For My Smile?

Dental crowns are a common way to restore a smile. If you already don’t have a crown, you probably know someone that does have one. Modern crowns are designed to be lifelike to blend right in with the rest of your smile. A dental crown has the name, “crown,” because it is a replica of… Read more »

How Does A Filling Stop A Cavity?

Tooth decay can be prevented, but it cannot repair itself. Unlike other health issues, like a common cold for example, tooth decay does not just go away on its own. If tooth decay has created a cavity in your tooth, treatment is important to stop it from getting worse. What may start out as a… Read more »