Help! I Damaged My Tooth!

Help! I Damaged My Tooth! Breaking a tooth can be a traumatic experience that feels like an emergency. In many situations, it is an emergency. The urgency of a damaged tooth will depend on the severity of the situation. However, whenever there is a situation with a damaged tooth, it should be followed up with a dental visit. Significant damage to a tooth’s structure can leave it vulnerable to further damage, decay, and/or infection. In some cases where there is only minor damage, a cosmetic treatment may be enough to address the situation. In other cases, a tooth may be so significantly damaged that it cannot be restored. In these severe cases, extracting and replacing the tooth may be the best option for the overall health of your smile. 

Fixing the Damage

When a tooth is fractured, it can effect your ability to chew and it can leave the tooth susceptible to bacterial attacks. Enamel, the material protecting the outside of your tooth, is strong enough to withstand biting and chewing, but can become weak after damage. Restoring a tooth with a dental crown can provide full protection for a weakened, vulnerable tooth. A crown is a customized cap for your tooth. If your tooth is only affected by surface-level damage, it may not require full restoration that can be provided by a crown. Dental bonding is the same composite resin that is used in tooth-colored fillings; it can restore the appearance and function of a chipped or slightly cracked tooth.

Replacing the Tooth

Unfortunately, if tooth damage is so severe that it only leaves behind a minimal amount of natural tooth structure or if the root of the tooth has been significantly damaged, it may not be able to be restored. For the sake of your smile’s health and your overall health, your dentist may recommend that the tooth be extracted. A dental implant and a crown or other prosthesis can be used to replace a lost tooth.

We can help you with your damaged tooth

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