Stay Calm During A Dental Emergency

Stay Calm During A Dental EmergencyThe textbook definition of the word accident is “an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally, typically resulting in damage or injury.” Unexpectedly, accidents can happen at any time during the day or night. A dental accident can result in a broken tooth, a tooth falling out, or any other type of mouth injury. A dental accident becomes a dental emergency when it is essential that care is taken immediately. There are certain situations, such as a severely cracked tooth or a knocked-out tooth, that require immediate professional attention. Your Fort Worth, TX, dentist provides same-day and weekend appointments to help you deal with any sort of dental emergency. 

Call Your Dentist

In an emergency involving yourself or someone else, your adrenaline may begin to get pumping. How do you know when the right time to call your dentist is? When in doubt, call you dentist’s office. If available, they can walk you through your situation and guide you on how you can best handle what is going on. Certain situations where you should be sure to see the dentist include: most or all of your tooth is missing, severe toothache that doesn’t diminish with pain medication, visible pus or abscess, or bleeding that will not stop. If bleeding is persistent and fast, an emergency room visit may be necessary to prevent blood loss.

Just Breathe

Even just chipping the surface of a tooth can be an extremely stressful. When an accident or injury has occurred to your mouth or to the mouth of a loved one, it is important to breathe and try to stay calm. A cold, wet compress held to an empty socket can be helpful for a knocked out tooth – be sure not to swallow the tooth. An ice pack or over-the-counter pain medication may be able to help with the pain. Depending on your situation, there should be a way for your dentist to help you restore your smile back to normal. But first, your health is a priority.

Staying calm is essential during any emergency

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