Smile Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Smile Symptoms You Should Not IgnoreEach day seems like there is a new issue in our lives that we have to assess whether or not is important. If your car’s gas tank is running low on gas, you pull into the next gas station to fill it up. If you have a pimple, you may just let it run its course. Sure, if your lips feel dry, you may know to drink more water or put on some lip balm. But what do you do when you feel unsure if something needs to be addressed or left alone? If your car is making a noise that you cannot identify, you should probably take it into a mechanic before the problem becomes expensive, right? The same logic applies to your oral health. There are certain issues and symptoms that should be brought to your dentist’s attention as soon as possible. Your dental team in Fort Worth, Texas would always rather you ask about something innocuous than to let something serious progress. 

Bleeding Gums

If you are brushing or flossing and you see blood, you should talk to your dentist about it as soon as you can. While it might be something harmless like that you brushed or flossed too hard, it could be something serious like gingivitis. If gingivitis is ignored, it can progress into the more advanced and harmful stages of periodontal disease.

Throbbing Pain and Sensitivity

Throbbing toothaches should never be ignored. If it is a sign of infection or decay, it should be dealt with so the tooth can be treated and restored. Leaving problems like those can lead to tooth loss or worse consequences. If you notice sensitivity to extreme temperatures or certain foods, it could be a sign of a dental issue.

Lingering Sores

Sores and lesions in your mouth that stick around for weeks without healing could be a sign of oral cancer. Oral cancer is incredibly treatable in the early stages and highly deadly as it is allowed to advance.

Changes in your mouth could be a signal

Take your body’s signals seriously and talk to your dentist. To schedule a consultation, call the 7Day Dental office closest to you! Our offices are located in Fort Worth, TX, at 817-405-2001 on Jacksboro Highway, or at 817-405-0195 on Seminary Drive. Our Benbrook office is now open, call 817-349-7860.