Month: September 2018

Q & A: Dental Sealants

It is never too early in life to start protecting your smile. Keeping the smile healthy during childhood can set a solid foundation for oral health throughout life. Dental sealants can be one way to help protect a child’s smile. Dental sealants are very thin biocompatible material applied directly to the surface of the teeth… Read more »

Busting Myths About Dentures

Archaeologists have found evidence that some form of dentures have been around since the Ancient Roman times. Being something that has been around for thousands of years means being something that has a lot of misconceptions surrounding it. There are many myths about dentures that may not apply to the modern forms of dental prosthetics…. Read more »

Safe Smile Tips For Movie Night

Do you and your family enjoy a movie night every now and then? Maybe you and your significant other love going out to catch the newest releases on the big screen? However you enjoy movie night, it might come along with some traditional movie snacks: popcorn, soda, candy. All three of these things can be… Read more »

Fall Sports And Dental Injuries

September in Fort Worth, Texas means one thing: football season is in full swing. Whether it’s high school, college, or even pee-wee, there are games every week. Along with soccer, there are other fall sports going on in North Texas like volleyball and soccer. Protection and prevention is important when it comes to sports and… Read more »