Safe Smile Tips For Movie Night

Safe Smile Tips For Movie NightDo you and your family enjoy a movie night every now and then? Maybe you and your significant other love going out to catch the newest releases on the big screen? However you enjoy movie night, it might come along with some traditional movie snacks: popcorn, soda, candy. All three of these things can be a problem for the smile, but there are ways to amp up the smile safety. For more tips and advice on your smile’s health, your dental team in Fort Worth, Texas is here for you. 

Sip On Some Water

Soda can be full of sugar and acid, which are harmful to your teeth and gums. An occasional soda every now and then can be alright, but the problem with a soda during a movie is that you are slowly sipping it for hours. The exposure that the harmful agents have to your smile is a longer time because of how long you take to drink it. Rather than going with a soda for your movie, water can be a smart choice. Sparkling and flavored waters that do not have any sugar added are very popular right now.

Chew Popcorn Carefully

Popcorn can cause damage to smiles. An unpopped kernel can cause a surprise crack or breakage in a tooth. A thin hull or shell of a kernel can get stuck in the gums to lead to infection. When eating popcorn, be mindful with your chewing especially when you get to the bottom where all the unpopped kernels usually live.

Make Smart Treat Choices

Sour candy has a lot of citric acid that can lead to tooth erosion. Sticky candy like caramels or taffy can stick to your teeth for too long. Candy like chocolate that can melt away quickly can be wiser snack choices. Chewing sugarless gum can be a good friend during a movie because it can do a tiny clean up before you can get to your toothbrush and floss.

Do you and your family enjoy movie night?

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