3 Important Facts About Tooth Decay

3 Important Facts About Tooth DecayYour teeth may look simple from the outside with their hard shell of enamel, but they are quite complicated on the inside. Under the outer layer, teeth have complex layers of blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerve endings. Tooth decay can harm these systems to cause permanent damage. Today, however, your dental team in Fort Worth, Texas does not want to untangle the complexities of tooth decay for you. We want you to walk away with three simple and important facts about tooth decay: it is preventable, treatable, and potentially dangerous to your oral health.  

#1: You Can Prevent It

Tooth decay forms when bacterial acid attacks the outside layer of your teeth. Preventing a buildup of bacteria in your smile can help you prevent tooth decay. You can prevent bacteria by: brushing your teeth, flossing, rinsing with water, maintaining routine dental cleanings and exams, and minding your nutrition. Issues like bruxism and misalignment can increase your risks of tooth decay, so it is important to have routine visits with your dentist.

#2: We Can Stop It

Tooth decay is a progressive condition; it will continue to worsen until it is treated. If decay is caught in the very early stages by your dentist, it may even be reversible. A dental filling can stop decay if it only affects the enamel and dentin (layer beneath the enamel). Once decay affects the inner pulp, a root canal treatment may be required to stop it from risking the tooth. Restoring the tooth can improve your overall oral health.

#3: It Can Destroy Your Smile

If tooth decay is allowed to wreak unchecked havoc on your smile, it can lead to tooth loss. Lost teeth does not just affect how your smile looks. Tooth loss can leave your smile unbalanced. It can affect your abilities to chew or even speak. It can lead to a weakening of your jaw strength.

Do you have any questions about tooth decay?

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