Smile-Friendly Tips For Halloween Candy

Smile-Friendly Tips For Halloween CandyCandy on Halloween seems inevitable. The grocery store aisles seem to be overflowing with it, offices just have it sitting out on the counter, the kids keep coming home with it, etc. If you have kids that are the age to go trick-or-treating in Fort Worth, TX, then you know that there will be an endless amount of candy in their hands. So, how do you keep Halloween friendly to the smile? Moderation can be the first way to balance out candy’s affect on the smile. Drinking water and keeping up with an oral hygiene routine are also super important ways to keep the smile healthy. When it comes to the candy itself, there can be some candy that is a little more harmful than others. 

Avoid the Super Sticky

Opt to eat (or give your kids to eat) the kind of candy that will dissolve fairly easily in the mouth. Caramel, taffy, toffee, or anything super sticky can be hard to remove from your teeth. Some of these substances can stick around even after you have brushed and flossed. This can give tooth decay longer access to the surfaces of your teeth.

Beware of the Crunchy

Super hard and crunchy candy can lead to accidents and breakage. While your teeth’s enamel is a very strong substance, it can lose a fight to a jaw breaker or hard candy if bitten down on at just the right moment.

Skip the Sour

Citric acid is often used to make sour candy sour. Acid can contribute to the erosion of your teeth’s enamel. Combining the acid with the high amounts of sugar in candy can make for a fast pass to cavities. After eating any kind of candy, try rinsing with water or even chewing sugarless gum as a way to induce saliva and rinse some of the trouble away.

Moderation is key for Halloween candy

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