Eating For Your Smile’s Health

Eating For Your Smile's HealthWe all know the types of foods and drinks that we should avoid for our smile. That list is one that contains candy, soda, anything loaded up with sugar, anything too hard and crunchy, etc. A lesser known list, however, is a list of the types of foods that can be beneficial to your smile’s health. Certain foods can provide important nutrients to your teeth and gums, while others can perform functions that can benefit your smile. Mindful and purposeful eating is one important way that you can help keep your oral health is a good place. Your dental team at 7 Day Dental in Fort Worth, TX wants to help be a resource for you and your smile. 

Cheese for pH

Cheese is a favorite snack for many. You might be surprised to learn that eating cheese can be good for your smile. Chewing on cheese can help balance the pH levels inside your mouth. Lower acidity levels in your mouth can lower your risk of tooth decay.

Leafy Greens for Calcium

Leafy greens are rich in nutrients and minerals important to your teeth, like calcium and vitamin B. Calcium helps to remineralize your teeth’s enamel, which can keep your teeth’s defenses strong against tooth decay.

Yogurt for Good Bacteria

Yogurt and other foods high in probiotics, such as kimchi and sauerkraut, can introduce good bacteria into your smile’s ecosystem. The good bacteria can overcrowd the harmful bacteria in your mouth, which can decrease your risks of tooth decay and gum disease. If you are reaching for a cup of yogurt, be sure to pick a brand with no added sugar.

Fruit High in Water and Fiber

When choosing between drinking a fresh fruit juice or smoothie and eating a whole piece of fruit, choose the whole fruit. Chewing on a fruit allows the fiber and water to be released in your mouth in a way that can rinse away harmful bacteria.

Certain foods can help your smile stay strong

Eating mindfully can protect your smile and help keep it healthy. To schedule a consultation, call the 7Day Dental office closest to you! Our offices are located in Fort Worth, TX, at 817-405-2001 on Jacksboro Highway, or at 817-405-0195 on Seminary Drive. Our Benbrook office is now open, call 817-349-7860.