Why Are My Teeth Sensitive?

Why Are My Teeth Sensitive?Does the thought of biting into an ice cream pop make your stomach flip over in knots? Does sipping on hot chocolate sound great this time of year, but you fear your teeth touching the hot cocoa? If you said yes to either of these questions, you may have sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth can be a sign of eroding enamel, receding gums, or another dental problem causing pain. Understanding why your teeth are sensitive can be the first step to you finding relief. The team at 7 Day Dental in Fort Worth, Texas can help you find relief from your tooth sensitivity. 

Enamel Erosion

Your teeth are made up of sensitive tissue with lots of nerve endings covered by dentin and enamel. Enamel is the hard outer surface that protects the inside of your teeth. Enamel can begin to erode (or wear away) over time. Even just normal aging can lead to eroding enamel. However, other factors can speed up the process. If you brush too hard or with too abrasive of a toothpaste, it can erode your teeth. If you drink or eat highly acidic foods and drinks, you could be eroding your enamel. Even the acid from acid reflux can erode your tooth enamel.

Gum Recession

Gum disease begins as gingivitis, which is the inflammation and/or infection of the gum tissue. If gum disease is allowed to progress, the bacterial buildup can cause the gums to pull away from the tooth roots. When these happens, it expose the roots to the elements, which can feel like tooth sensitivity.

Other Causes for the Pain

If you have dental caries (also known as cavities), it may hurt with you bite or chew. Bruxism (also know as the habitual teeth-grinding) can create microscopic cracks in the teeth that can lead to a sensitive feeling in the teeth.

Talk to your dentist if your teeth are sensitive

Dr. Jing can help you address your tooth sensitivity. To schedule a consultation, call the 7Day Dental office closest to you! Our offices are located in Fort Worth, TX, at 817-405-2001 on Jacksboro Highway, or at 817-405-0195 on Seminary Drive. Our Benbrook office is now open, call 817-349-7860.