Quiz: How Bruxism Can Affect Your Smile, And Your Well-Being

It can be hard enough to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning – after all, who wouldn’t like a few extra minutes of sleep before starting their day? If you are dealing with the effects of bruxism, you can find yourself waking up to jaw pain, sensitive teeth, and discomfort in your neck and head. This problem, which can often be linked to TMJ dysfunction, causes a person to grind their teeth while sleeping. In the short term, this can lead to discomfort. If time passes without the problem being addressed, a person can start to experience dental wear and tear, and potentially serious damage to their teeth. Addressing this problem with your dentist can lead to treatment in the form of a special oral appliance that can keep your teeth safe while you rest at night.


True Or False: You can cause minor damages to your teeth when you grind them at night, but you never have to worry about any serious damage.

True Or False: Bruxism can be connected to problems with TMJ disorder, which can cause pain in your face, neck, and head.

True Or False: A custom mouth guard can effectively keep your teeth safe from nighttime grinding, so you no longer have to worry about dental problems caused by bruxism.


False! It is possible to seriously chip or crack your teeth by clenching your jaw. This is one reason bruxism can call for prompt action – putting off care increases your risk for damage that can require restorative dental work.

True! Bruxism can occur when a person has untreated issues with TMJ dysfunction. It is also possible for the stress of bruxism to cause TMJ dysfunction. Both conditions can intrude on your quality of life, and call for your dentist’s attention.

True! Your dentist can provide you with a custom appliance, so your smile is protected while you sleep!

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