Smile-Friendly Tips For Halloween Candy

Smile-Friendly Tips For Halloween CandyCandy on Halloween seems inevitable. The grocery store aisles seem to be overflowing with it, offices just have it sitting out on the counter, the kids keep coming home with it, etc. If you have kids that are the age to go trick-or-treating in Fort Worth, TX, then you know that there will be an endless amount of candy in their hands. So, how do you keep Halloween friendly to the smile? Moderation can be the first way to balance out candy’s affect on the smile. Drinking water and keeping up with an oral hygiene routine are also super important ways to keep the smile healthy. When it comes to the candy itself, there can be some candy that is a little more harmful than others.  (more…)

Celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month!

Celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month!The entire month of October is National Dental Hygiene Month! The month is a great time to celebrate and spread awareness of the importance of dental hygiene. Good dental hygiene is one of the most important parts of strong oral health. It helps keep your smile feeling clean, looking good, and most importantly, feeling good. October is also a great month to consider your dental insurance benefits. Most plans have benefits that expire at the end of the year, which gives you these last few months to use them. If you are in or near Fort Worth, TX, schedule a checkup and cleaning with 7 Day Dental. (more…)

3 Important Facts About Tooth Decay

3 Important Facts About Tooth DecayYour teeth may look simple from the outside with their hard shell of enamel, but they are quite complicated on the inside. Under the outer layer, teeth have complex layers of blood vessels, connective tissues, and nerve endings. Tooth decay can harm these systems to cause permanent damage. Today, however, your dental team in Fort Worth, Texas does not want to untangle the complexities of tooth decay for you. We want you to walk away with three simple and important facts about tooth decay: it is preventable, treatable, and potentially dangerous to your oral health.   (more…)

Recognizing Erosion Of Tooth Enamel

Recognizing Erosion Of Tooth EnamelYour teeth are protected by a strong outer layer known as enamel. It is the hardest substance in the human body, but it is not invulnerable. Unlike your soft tissues, skin, or bones, your enamel cannot regenerate itself after damage or injury. Once enamel is compromised, it will not grow back or heal. Enamel can be restored through dentistry with a composite resin material. Enamel is not always lost in one swoop like a chip or crack. Enamel can erode over time and there are situations where enamel can erode at too fast a rate. Enamel erosion leaves the teeth susceptible to decay, damage, and loss. If you notice the following signs of eroding enamel, talk to your dentist in Fort Worth, Texas. (more…)

Q & A: Dental Sealants

Q & A: Dental Sealants It is never too early in life to start protecting your smile. Keeping the smile healthy during childhood can set a solid foundation for oral health throughout life. Dental sealants can be one way to help protect a child’s smile. Dental sealants are very thin biocompatible material applied directly to the surface of the teeth to add a layer of extra protection against decay. Along with good nutrition and strong dental habits, sealants can be part of a healthy smile. If you live in Fort Worth, Texas, talk to your dentist about ways to provide extra protection to your family’s smiles.  (more…)

Busting Myths About Dentures

Busting Myths About Dentures Archaeologists have found evidence that some form of dentures have been around since the Ancient Roman times. Being something that has been around for thousands of years means being something that has a lot of misconceptions surrounding it. There are many myths about dentures that may not apply to the modern forms of dental prosthetics. Your dental team at 7 Day Dental in Fort Worth, Texas is here to help bust some of these myths and misconceptions about dentures(more…)

Safe Smile Tips For Movie Night

Safe Smile Tips For Movie NightDo you and your family enjoy a movie night every now and then? Maybe you and your significant other love going out to catch the newest releases on the big screen? However you enjoy movie night, it might come along with some traditional movie snacks: popcorn, soda, candy. All three of these things can be a problem for the smile, but there are ways to amp up the smile safety. For more tips and advice on your smile’s health, your dental team in Fort Worth, Texas is here for you.  (more…)

Fall Sports And Dental Injuries

Fall Sports And Dental InjuriesSeptember in Fort Worth, Texas means one thing: football season is in full swing. Whether it’s high school, college, or even pee-wee, there are games every week. Along with soccer, there are other fall sports going on in North Texas like volleyball and soccer. Protection and prevention is important when it comes to sports and injuries. For dental and orofacial injuries, most can be prevented by wearing a mouth guard. Doing so not only protects the mouth, but it can also limit the damage to the brain. However, if an oral injury does occur during sports (or an accident at any time), it is important to talk to your dentist as soon as possible.  (more…)

Smile Symptoms You Should Not Ignore

Smile Symptoms You Should Not IgnoreEach day seems like there is a new issue in our lives that we have to assess whether or not is important. If your car’s gas tank is running low on gas, you pull into the next gas station to fill it up. If you have a pimple, you may just let it run its course. Sure, if your lips feel dry, you may know to drink more water or put on some lip balm. But what do you do when you feel unsure if something needs to be addressed or left alone? If your car is making a noise that you cannot identify, you should probably take it into a mechanic before the problem becomes expensive, right? The same logic applies to your oral health. There are certain issues and symptoms that should be brought to your dentist’s attention as soon as possible. Your dental team in Fort Worth, Texas would always rather you ask about something innocuous than to let something serious progress.  (more…)

The 2 Types Of Tooth Discoloration

The 2 Types Of Tooth DiscolorationLooking in the mirror and seeing dull, yellow teeth can be disheartening. It can shake your confidence and make you feel insecure about showing off your smile. Many people believe that tooth stains only occur on the outside of the teeth, but the fact is, there are two different types of tooth discoloration. Stains can occur on the outside of the teeth caused by external reasons. Discoloration can also be caused by issues inside of the tooth. These different types of discoloration are not treated in the same manner, which means getting a bright white smile depends on your smile’s specific needs. If you live in or near Fort Worth, Texas, your dental team at 7 Day Dental can help you determine what type of discoloration is affecting your smile to address it accordingly.  (more…)