Category: Community Events

Star Wars and Beyond: Concert in the Garden

Have you seen every Star Wars film at least once? Perhaps three times each? Whether you’re a huge fan of the intergalactic series or if there’s just always been something about the out-of-this-world music that has caught your attention and won your heart, then you will truly enjoy this upcoming event in Fort Worth. Bring… Read more »

Les Miserables in Fort Worth

Are you a huge fan of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables? Perhaps Fantine and Cosette’s experiences tug at your heartstrings enough for you to read the story and watch it on the big screen over and over. If so, you will be overjoyed to learn that you can now see it on the stage in your… Read more »

A Classical Mystery Tour

Are you a fan of The Beatles? Perhaps you just can’t get your fill of “Hard Day’s Night” or “Eleanor Rigby” (or other favorites). For a truly exceptional and exciting way to get lost in the nostalgia that was the British Invasion, look no further than an upcoming event at the Fort Worth Botanic Garden.

Cowgirl Museum Exhibit

Have you long been a fan of cowboy art but found yourself wondering where all the cowgirl art has been hiding? Anyone interested in the history of the West will find this upcoming art event a truly interesting and inspiring experience.

Prairie Day in North Texas

Are you a pretty big fan of the lovely North Texas landscape? If so, you may wish to call up your friends, pile your family into the car, and head out for an enjoyable, family friendly day outdoors.

Dallas Pet Expo

Are you a pet lover through and through? Do you and your family love your family pup, kitty, or other lovable companion? If so, you may want to head out to Dallas for the Dallas Pet Expo. You will see exhibitors far as the eye can see and may even enjoy some fun activities.

Hoya Korean Kitchen Grand Opening

Do you think of yourself as a little bit of a foodie? Are you simply always on the lookout for a new restaurant to try? If so, you may want to give a friend a call or let your significant other know that it’s time to head out to test out some new and exciting… Read more »

26th Annual Tap Dance Day

Does your heart start thumping and do your feet start tapping when you hear the clickity-clack of tap shoes? If so, you will truly enjoy tap dance day that happens once a year in Fort Worth. A fun-filled event perfect for the whole family, tap day will put a smile on your face. Be sure… Read more »

Main Street Arts Festival Fort Worth

Are you a huge fan of the vibrant, creative culture that exists in Fort Worth? Do you tend to spend some of your days strolling through the many art museums the community has to offer? If the visual arts interest you, gather up friends and family and make sure you check out the Main Street… Read more »

Texas Size Easter Celebration

It’s that time of year again! Time to bring your little ones out to see the Easter bunny, search for hidden eggs (or to be the one doing the hiding), and give yourself the freedom to indulge in some sugary treats (followed by a good tooth brushing, of course). And since everything is bigger in… Read more »