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When Is A Dental Crown Right For My Smile?

Dental crowns are a common way to restore a smile. If you already don’t have a crown, you probably know someone that does have one. Modern crowns are designed to be lifelike to blend right in with the rest of your smile. A dental crown has the name, “crown,” because it is a replica of… Read more »

Vulnerable Tooth? A Crown Can Protect It

Try as we might to preventing damage and decay from affecting our teeth, life happens. An accident can cause severe damage to a tooth or advanced decay may leave it vulnerable. Whatever the situation may be that caused a tooth to become vulnerable, it is important for it to be repaired and restored. A dental… Read more »

A Crown Protects A Vulnerable Tooth

Try as we might to protect our teeth from decay and damage, things can happen. An accident may cause traumatic injury to a tooth or severe decay may leave it vulnerable. Whatever the situation may be, it is important for a weakened tooth to be repaired and restored. A dental crown is a permanent prosthetic… Read more »

Be A King, But Not Just For A Day

Are you going around with a cracked or broken tooth? Maybe part of your tooth cracked and fell out but the filling stayed intact? That can make it difficult to chew. The tooth may be sensitive to heat or cold, achy at times, or even sensitive to the air when you open your mouth. But… Read more »

Dental Crown Placement: Your Questions

Have you recently discovered that you need a dental crown for your dental health concern? If so, a part of you may feel relieved that you have found a solution to end your discomfort and to address your damaged tooth. However, you may still have some lingering questions about what to expect from your experience… Read more »

3 Ways Dental Crowns Make Your Smile Better

Dental crowns have been used in dentistry since ancient times, when the ancient Etruscans used gold crowns as both a dental prosthetic and as a flashy way to show off their wealth. While gold crowns reigned supreme for hundreds of years, the last 100 years or so have introduced porcelain, zirconia, and porcelain-metal hybrid crowns… Read more »