Category: Restorative Dentistry

Why Is Restoring My Tooth Important?

After you lose your baby teeth as a kid, your permanent teeth emerge and that’s it. You only get those same teeth for the rest of your life. If a tooth is lost as an adult, another will not grow back in its place. If a tooth is broken or damaged, it will not heal… Read more »

Easing Your Mind About Root Canal Therapy

Due to the portrayal in movies and television, root canal therapy can have an unsettling connotation for many people. Whether you know it as root canal therapy or root canal treatment or endodontic treatment or just a root canal, the should have your mind at ease over this helpful procedure. With the technology and training… Read more »

Recognizing Erosion Of Tooth Enamel

Your teeth are protected by a strong outer layer known as enamel. It is the hardest substance in the human body, but it is not invulnerable. Unlike your soft tissues, skin, or bones, your enamel cannot regenerate itself after damage or injury. Once enamel is compromised, it will not grow back or heal. Enamel can… Read more »

Why Choose An Implant-Supported Bridge?

Dental bridges have been around for centuries helping people who have experienced tooth loss to regain confidence in their smiles. Technological advances in both materials and the way that bridges are created have allowed for more lifelike and better-fitting dental crowns. Materials such as porcelain create a prosthetic that looks and acts like a natural… Read more »

How Does A Filling Stop A Cavity?

Tooth decay can be prevented, but it cannot repair itself. Unlike other health issues, like a common cold for example, tooth decay does not just go away on its own. If tooth decay has created a cavity in your tooth, treatment is important to stop it from getting worse. What may start out as a… Read more »

How Does Root Canal Therapy Help My Tooth?

Tooth decay is a progressive disease that will continues to worsen without treatment. When it is detected by your dentist early enough, tooth decay can be treated and sometimes reversed. Once the decay has created a cavity in the enamel of your tooth, a filling can clear out the decay, disinfect the tooth, and restore… Read more »

Saving Your Tooth With Root Canal Therapy

Tooth decay is continues to get worse and worse without treatment. Detected by your dentist early enough, tooth decay can be reversed in the earliest stages. Once the decay has formed a cavity in the enamel of your tooth, a filling may be needed to clear out the decay and repair the tooth. If the… Read more »

Why Do I Need A Filling?

Tooth decay and cavities are incredibly common for adult Americans. Even with vigilant oral hygiene and mindful eating choices, there may be a point in your life where you get a cavity. It is important to remember that it can happen to anyone. You shouldn’t stress, but you should also be sure to get treatment… Read more »

When Extraction Is The Last Option

Your dentist always want to save your tooth, but sometimes that is not a viable option. There are times when a dental extraction is necessary to protect both your oral and overall health. Sometimes, tooth decay progresses so far that it causes a severe infection. There are situations like an accident or injury where the… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy To The Rescue

By the time a tooth’s decay progresses to the point of needing root canal therapy, it can be on the brink of a necessary extraction. A root canal treatment can rescue a tooth from needing to be extracted. Tooth decay is a progressive disease meaning it will worsen without treatment. Early tooth decay can be… Read more »