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What Treatment Is Right For You?

There are so many dental treatments available today that it gives you many options when you have a problem. Some treatments cost more because they are more invasive, the materials are more esthetic and longer lasting, and/or the treatment is more complex and takes longer. Other treatments are faster, easier, less-invasive and usually less expensive,… Read more »

Is a Tooth-Colored Filling Your Best Option?

Treating a cavity is usually fairly simple, but you still have options in the filling you choose. While metal amalgam has been a popular material for quite some time, more and more patients are choosing acrylic-based composite resin, which blends in discreetly with the tooth it repairs. Known as tooth-colored fillings, composite resin restorations are… Read more »

Want to Know More About Invisalign®?

Alignment is important when it comes to your dental health. Straight teeth, for instance, are more than just attractive, they also function better when you bite and chew. When your teeth are crooked, but you don’t want to wear conventional metal braces to straighten them, Invisalign® may be your best option. Made from removable, nearly-invisible… Read more »

A Look at Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers offer a highly-effective, yet minimally-invasive, solution to making over a smile, even if it is marred by numerous cosmetic blemishes. If you exhibit multiple esthetic issues, then veneers can create a brand new look for your smile by concealing and correcting all of your concerns at once. The small, wafer-thin shells of porcelain… Read more »

Questions and Answers About Dental Implants

You might already know enough about dental implants to understand their benefits over traditional dental bridges and dentures. Yet, the nature of those benefits is not always understood (until explained by your dentist). To help you better appreciate what they can do for your smile, we answer a few common questions about dental implants and… Read more »

Root Canal Therapy, or Tooth Extraction?

Most dental cases involve options for treating any condition, depending on the patient’s specific needs and goals. In the case of root canal therapy, however, the only viable alternative is tooth extraction, which can have dire consequences for the rest of your teeth and oral health. Because of the compounding destruction of tooth loss, saving… Read more »

An Understanding of Modern Dental Crowns

Because your teeth cannot repair themselves if they are injured, or cure themselves if they are infected, you may, at some point, need a dental crown placed to restore one. While we can preserve the healthy tooth structure that remains, that structure may be too weak or insufficient to perform its duties if the tooth… Read more »

Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings

Since it has been the most-frequently used material for over a century, many people automatically associate tooth fillings with metal amalgam. Also known as silver fillings for their metallic appearance, amalgam restorations may be strong and durable, but they can also stand to be improved in several areas. Fortunately, there is an often-better solution to… Read more »

Living with Invisalign® Clear Braces

If you wore braces as a child, then the thought of removable orthodontic braces might seem an instantly-appealing idea. If you need to straighten crooked teeth as an adult, then the idea will seem even better. With Invisalign®, we can help you realign crooked teeth for a straighter, more appealing smile. Best of all, by… Read more »

More FAQs About Porcelain Veneers

When you want to improve your smile, you typically have several options, depending on the exact nature of your concerns. In most cases, though, patients prefer to achieve optimal results with minimal dental work, and with porcelain veneers, that’s a highly-realistic expectation. Informally known as “the instant smile makeover,” porcelain veneers may be the most… Read more »