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Fluoride and Your Child’s Smile: FAQs

As a parent, you only want what’s best for your child, for what will help them grow into healthy, happy adults. You take them to the doctor for well-child checkups, and you take them the dentist for well-smile checkups. At your child’s six-month dental checkup, your family dentist will probably recommend applying a fluoride treatment…. Read more »

Exploring the Relation of Bruxism and TMJ Disorder

Millions of people wake up with headaches or sore jaws in the morning, not knowing what is causing their discomfort. Bruxism and TMJ Disorder may be the culprits of this mysterious pain upon waking. Most people are unaware that they brux, or abnormally clench and grind their teeth, while sleeping. This creates tremendous tension and… Read more »

Can you Avoid Dental Anxiety?

Many people suffer from anxiety disorders and post-traumatic stress disorders (PTSD). Examples of anxiety disorders include panic attacks, phobias, general anxiety, and PTSD. Sometimes, the disorder leads directly to oral health problems. These debilitating feelings may also have implications for oral health. Poor oral health care creates a potential for serious dental maladies to develop… Read more »