7DayDental_InternalPhotos_RootCanalTherapyEnd the Discomfort of an Infected Tooth

If dental decay goes undetected and untreated, the bacteria will eventually spread to your roots, where the infection can cause significant discomfort. Eventually, it may even affect other teeth, leading to widespread decay and tooth loss. Fortunately, a root canal can eliminate harmful bacteria, end your discomfort, and restore the functionality of your compromised tooth.

The Root Canal Procedure

Typically root canals are performed in two office visits. At the first appointment, your dentist will apply local anesthesia to your tooth and the surrounding gum tissue. Then, he or she will create a small opening in your tooth. Through this tiny hole, your dental practitioner can remove all bacteria and infected pulp from the inner chamber. He or she will also reshape your root canals and treat the inside of your tooth with an antiseptic solution. Typically, the dentist will then place a temporary filling and prep your tooth for a dental crown.

After reshaping your tooth to accommodate a crown, he or she will take impressions and send them to a dental lab, where technicians will craft your restoration. When the crown is finished, you will return for your second appointment. During this visit, your dentist will check the fit of your crown and attach it with dental cement.

Are Root Canals Painful?

Root canal therapy has a rather dubious reputation for being highly unpleasant. In reality, the procedure involves minimal discomfort. Because your tooth and gums will be numb during treatment, you will typically experience little more than a feeling of mild pressure.  If you are still feeling anxious, we also offer nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, which can help you relax during your treatment.

Like most patients, almost immediately after your root canal, you may experience an immense relief from the pain of an infected tooth. Although it is normal to feel some minor sensitivity after treatment, these sensations typically dissipate within a few days, leaving you with a beautiful smile and a full restoration of your dental function.

Learn About the Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

Internal tooth infection can cause severe discomfort and threaten the rest of your oral health if not treated promptly. To find out if root canal therapy can benefit you, schedule a visit by calling the 7Day Dental office closest to you! Our offices are located in Ft. Worth and Lake Worth, TX, and we welcome patients and their families who live in all of the surrounding DFW communities.