Good Reasons to Choose Invisalign® Clear Braces

reasons to choose invisalign clear bracesEven though the condition seems to affect children more often than it does adults, the truth is that malocclusion (the state of crooked teeth) is more of a problem for adults than you might realize. For children, crooked teeth can cause increasingly worse problems as their oral structures continue to grow. As an adult, it can also lead to a host of dental issues by throwing off the balance of your bite. Fortunately, we can help many older teens and adults achieve the straighter smiles they deserve with Invisalign® clear braces, which actually consist of nearly-invisible aligners rather than bracket-and-wire braces.

Straight teeth are more important than appearance

The most important reason to choose Invisalign® treatment lies in the importance of straight teeth. Ideally, your upper and lower teeth should meet each other squarely when you bite down, with your upper front teeth extending slightly in front of your lower ones. Proper alignment allows your teeth to absorb your bite’s pressure evenly, minimizing the impact and potential damage of that pressure. When your teeth are crooked, some of them can be exposed to excessive pressure from your bite, which can lead to excessive tooth wear, cracks and fractures, or worse.

With Invisalign®, you can avoid traditional braces

Traditionally, orthodontic treatment, or the science of realigning crooked teeth, has been approached through the use of brackets and wires that allow your orthodontist to gently and gradually move your teeth. Invisalign®, however, approaches teeth-straightening through gentle movement achieved with strategically-designed aligners. Each nearly-invisible aligner is crafted to guide your teeth through a specific phase of movement until they finally achieve straighter, more visually-appealing positions.


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