Smile Enhancement with Bonding and Contouring

Sometimes, even the most noticeable tooth blemishes can be corrected with minimal changes to your tooth structure. Together, cosmetic tooth bonding and contouring can dramatically enhance your smile by correcting anything from stubborn teeth stains to chips, cracks, spaces between teeth, and more. Bonding and contouring are two separate, minimally invasive procedures that your dentist can perform separately or together, depending on your specific needs and preferences. With bonding and/or contouring, you can enjoy a healthier and more attractive smile while preserving a maximum amount of your healthy, natural tooth structure.

Bonding Your Tooth

To bond a tooth, your dentist will utilize a tooth-colored composite resin made from biocompatible acrylic and quartz-like particles. The color and shade of the resin is custom-tinted to closely mimic your tooth’s appearance, ensuring a highly lifelike appearance. Once the resin is tinted, your dentist will carefully bond the material to your tooth, sculpting it to match your tooth’s ideal shape and contour.  Then, your dentist will harden the resin and polish it for a durable and lifelike finish.

Contouring Your Tooth

For issues such as severe stains, chips, or cracks, bonding may be the best solution. However, when your tooth overlaps another or has rough, jagged edges, adding to it may not be the best solution. Instead, your dentist can carefully sculpt a minimal amount of tooth enamel on the appropriate area of your tooth so that it fits properly among the rest of your teeth. In many cases, bonding and contouring are performed together to address multiple cosmetic concerns at once.

Ask Your Dentist About Bonding & Contouring

With cosmetic tooth bonding and/or contouring, you can improve the appearance of your smile while minimizing the amount of work your dentist must perform on your teeth. To find out if you can benefit from bonding and contouring, schedule a consultation by calling the 7Day Dental office closest to you! Our offices are located in Ft. Worth and Lake Worth, TX, and we welcome patients and their families who live in all of the surrounding DFW communities.