7DayDental_InternalPhotos_PreventativeDentistryKeeping Your Smile Healthy for Life

At 7 Day Dental Center, Dr. Jing and his team provide a full selection of general dentistry services to keep your smile beautiful and healthy. We offer routine checkups and oral cancer screenings using the latest technology, and we customize our treatments to better serve our pediatric and senior patients.

Cleanings and Screenings

Although we offer outstanding restorative and cosmetic care, our goal is to prevent you from needing these treatments in the first place. During our routine checkups, we proudly utilize intraoral cameras and digital x-rays to obtain the sharpest, most accurate images with minimal discomfort and time in the dental chair. We recommend that you come in every six months for a routine cleaning, which can help prevent decay, dental discoloration, and gum disease. If you are already suffering from this condition, our dentists can perform scaling and root planing to remove harmful bacteria and prevent further damage.

At your biannual appointments, we will also provide an oral cancer screening, checking for any lesions or soft tissue discoloration. Although these spots typically turn out to be harmless, these screening could potentially save your life; when oral cancer is detected early, patients typically enjoy a very favorable prognosis.

Custom Mouth Guards

Bruxism, or chronic teeth grinding, can damage your teeth and cause significant discomfort. To protect your smile and enhance your quality of life, we provide custom-made mouth guards. Typically, you will wear these comfortable devices at night, and they will prevent your teeth from coming together as you sleep. We also offer custom-made sports mouth guards, which can reduce your risk of dental damage during high-impact athletics.

Pediatric Care

Here at 7 Day Dental, we proudly treat patients of all ages, including young children. For optimal dental health, we recommend that children have their first appointment about six months after their first teeth come in. By beginning dental care at such a young age, we can monitor dental development, treat the earliest stages of decay or misalignment, and lay the foundation for a lifetime of dental health. Once children are old enough, we also offer pediatric treatments, such as sealants and fluoride treatments, which can help prevent decay for years to come.

Ensure Your Smile Stays Healthy with Preventive Dentistry

Keeping your smile healthy requires regular preventive dentistry visits as well as a consistently good hygiene routine. To schedule your next visit, call the 7Day Dental office closest to you! Our offices are located in Ft. Worth and Lake Worth, TX, and we welcome patients and their families who live in all of the surrounding DFW communities.