Keeping Your Smile Healthy for Life

Our office provides a full range of professional dental care to address everyone’s unique dental needs. However, preventive dental treatments are often the most important ones we provide. The point of preventive dentistry is to help you avoid potentially serious dental concerns, and therefore, the need for more extensive treatment. Effective prevention also means checking for things like oral cancer, which is most successfully treated when detected early.

A Close Eye on Your Dental Health

Preventive dentistry comes in several forms, but the most common are routine exams and cleanings. Professionally cleaning your teeth, for instance, is vital to keeping harmful oral bacteria at bay. Comprehensive examinations allow your dentist to keep a close eye on your teeth, gums, and oral tissues so that he can act quickly if a problem develops. As the cornerstone of your preventive dentistry routine, regular exams and cleanings are essential to keeping your smile consistently healthy and beautiful.

Our Preventive Dentistry Services

While exams and cleanings are common preventive measures, we also offer a broad list of services that help you protect your oral health, including:

Schedule a Preventive Dentistry Appointment

Preventive dental care is the key to keeping your smile beautiful and healthy for life. To learn more, schedule a visit by calling the 7Day Dental office closest to you! Our offices are located in Ft. Worth and Lake Worth, TX, and we welcome patients and their families who live in all of the surrounding DFW communities.