7DayDental_InternalPhotos_ChildrensDentistryRoutine and Preventative Care for Kids and Teens

Outstanding dental care is important no matter how old – or young – you are. At 7 Day Dental Center, we proudly treat pediatric patients, providing a comfortable, soothing atmosphere where kids feel right at home. We even have a play area and a treasure chest full of prizes to make a visit to the dentist fun and exciting!

Regular Cleanings

You may be surprised to learn that if your child already has his or her first baby tooth, it is time for a dental cleaning. We recommend that you schedule an appointment for your little one no later than his or her second birthday. By beginning dental care at an early age, we can help to prevent dental concerns later in life, and we can also teach your child good dental habits that can help to ensure a lifelong healthy smile.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride is an important mineral, found in many foods and most city water supplies. This element helps to strengthen your teeth and enamel by replacing lost minerals. Although your child already receives some fluoride naturally, it is typically not enough for sufficient protection against decay and enamel erosion. A fluoride treatment can supplement this natural fluoride intake and further protect your child’s smile. After a thorough cleaning, the dentist will apply a fluoride gel to his or her teeth. The treatment is discomfort-free, and the gel comes in several fun flavors. Fluoride treatments typically take just a few minutes, but they can provide outstanding dental protection for years to come.  Though typically a pediatric treatment, adults can benefit from fluoride treatments, as well.

Dental Sealants

Once your child has developed his or her adult molars, we offer dental sealants to protect against decay. The back teeth are more prone to cavities, due to the deep crevices where food can accumulate. By applying a thin plastic coating to the top of your child’s molars, your dentist creates a barrier between particles of food and the dental enamel. Sealants remain in place for years, and they can provide decades of protection against decay.

Schedule Your Child’s Dental Visit Today

Give your child the gift of a healthy and beautiful smile by making dentistry an important part of their lives. Schedule a visit for your child or children by calling the 7Day Dental office closest to you! Our offices are located in Ft. Worth and Lake Worth, TX, and we welcome patients and their families who live in all of the surrounding DFW communities.