New Year, New Smile Habits

New Year, New Smile Habits Happy New Year’s Eve! Whether you are staying in tonight or going out on the town in Fort Worth, Texas, you are probably ready for 2019. A new year can be a reset where you can try to break bad habits and introduce new healthy ones. When it comes to keeping your smile in good shape, healthy habits reign supreme. Daily commitment to caring for your smile goes a long way in keeping your teeth and gums healthy for your lifetime. We have a few new habits that you can toss in your toolkit for 2019.  (more…)

Quiz: How Bruxism Can Affect Your Smile, And Your Well-Being

It can be hard enough to drag ourselves out of bed in the morning – after all, who wouldn’t like a few extra minutes of sleep before starting their day? If you are dealing with the effects of bruxism, you can find yourself waking up to jaw pain, sensitive teeth, and discomfort in your neck and head. This problem, which can often be linked to TMJ dysfunction, causes a person to grind their teeth while sleeping. In the short term, this can lead to discomfort. If time passes without the problem being addressed, a person can start to experience dental wear and tear, and potentially serious damage to their teeth. Addressing this problem with your dentist can lead to treatment in the form of a special oral appliance that can keep your teeth safe while you rest at night. (more…)

Why Are My Teeth Sensitive?

Why Are My Teeth Sensitive?Does the thought of biting into an ice cream pop make your stomach flip over in knots? Does sipping on hot chocolate sound great this time of year, but you fear your teeth touching the hot cocoa? If you said yes to either of these questions, you may have sensitive teeth. Sensitive teeth can be a sign of eroding enamel, receding gums, or another dental problem causing pain. Understanding why your teeth are sensitive can be the first step to you finding relief. The team at 7 Day Dental in Fort Worth, Texas can help you find relief from your tooth sensitivity.  (more…)

4 Smile-Friendly Gift Ideas

4 Smile-Friendly Gift IdeasYou may be the rare type of person who finished all of their holiday gift shopping over the summer. You might be the more common person who is still finishing up their gift list in these last few weeks before Christmas. If you are still searching for some gift ideas for your friends and family, why not consider some gifts that will help give them a healthier smile? If you are not shopping or if you are not one who celebrates holidays at this time of year, this list is still a great list of things you can get for yourself. Treat yourself all year round to healthy smile. The team at 7 Day Dental Center in Fort Worth, Texas wants to help you keep your smile strong, beautiful, and healthy.  (more…)

End Of Year Smile Update

End Of Year Smile UpdateIf you drive around Fort Worth, Texas, you will see neighborhoods full of holiday decorations. Santa has found his seat at the mall. These are all signs that the year is rapidly coming to an end. People often set resolutions at this time of year because the change in year is a good time to clearly mark changes. The end of the calendar year usually also affects the benefits of dental insurance. If you have insurance benefits that you have not fully used in 2018, you only have a few more weeks to use them. In these last few weeks of the year, you can also work with your dentist to update your smile in both appearance and health.  (more…)

The Link Between Diabetes And Gum Disease

The Link Between Diabetes And Gum DiseaseDid you know that November is Diabetes Awareness Month? While the month may be nearly over, there is still time to bring awareness to the disease and its link to oral health. Periodontal (gum) disease and diabetes are linked. Type 1, Type 2, and even gestational diabetes can lead to an increased risk for gum disease. Gum disease in a person living with diabetes can cause problems in blood sugar regulation. Dr. Jing and the team at 7 Day Dental in Fort Worth, Texas can help you to better understand your own smile and the connection to your overall health.  (more…)

Why Is Restoring My Tooth Important?

Why Is Restoring My Tooth Important?After you lose your baby teeth as a kid, your permanent teeth emerge and that’s it. You only get those same teeth for the rest of your life. If a tooth is lost as an adult, another will not grow back in its place. If a tooth is broken or damaged, it will not heal up on its own like other parts of your body. A damaged or decayed tooth should be restored with some form of restorative dentistry to keep your smile healthy. Restoring a tooth will allow it to keep biting, chewing, and being an important part of your smile. If the tooth is lost, replacing it is also important. Your dental team in Fort Worth, Texas can help you restore a tooth if you need it.  (more…)

Easing Your Mind About Root Canal Therapy

Easing Your Mind About Root Canal TherapyDue to the portrayal in movies and television, root canal therapy can have an unsettling connotation for many people. Whether you know it as root canal therapy or root canal treatment or endodontic treatment or just a root canal, the should have your mind at ease over this helpful procedure. With the technology and training of modern dentistry, root canal therapy is often on the same experience level for the patient as getting a filling. Most importantly, root canal therapy can save your tooth from loss, severe pain, or necessary extraction. If you live in Fort Worth, Texas, talk to your team at 7 Day Dental if you have more questions about root canal therapy.  (more…)

Eating For Your Smile’s Health

Eating For Your Smile's HealthWe all know the types of foods and drinks that we should avoid for our smile. That list is one that contains candy, soda, anything loaded up with sugar, anything too hard and crunchy, etc. A lesser known list, however, is a list of the types of foods that can be beneficial to your smile’s health. Certain foods can provide important nutrients to your teeth and gums, while others can perform functions that can benefit your smile. Mindful and purposeful eating is one important way that you can help keep your oral health is a good place. Your dental team at 7 Day Dental in Fort Worth, TX wants to help be a resource for you and your smile.  (more…)

Be Sure To Use Your 2018 Dental Benefits

Be Sure To Use Your 2018 Dental BenefitsThe end of the calendar year is filled with things to think about: the holidays, taxes, New Year’s Resolutions, etc. Depending on where you work, you may be thinking about using those vacation days you have saved up. You also may be thinking about your 2018 dental insurance coverage. Most dental insurance plans run on the fiscal year and many do not have benefits that roll into the next year. If you live in or near Fort Worth, TX, please feel free to contact 7 Day Dental with any questions about dental insurance or any type of financing. Money should not keep you from good oral health.  (more…)